Adult Sports Leagues In Tulsa

Adult sports leagues with a social twist in TULSA

Is it about sports? Is it about socializing?


OSSO is about organizing events and activities that bring people together. With year-round rec leagues and social sports, you can get out and get involved with old friends and new. Your cost is low. Your necessary equipment is minimal. It’s what you make of it with your competitors and teammates.


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Sports AND social? What’s the deal?

OSSO is about enjoying the outdoors – except when the sport is an indoor activity like 9-Pin Bowling. It’s about teamwork – except when the sport is an individual sport like FootGolf.


We’re really competitive, like with Competitive Circuit Rules Kickball – except when we’re not, like with our Social Kickball League. And we’re all about athletic activities – except when we’re putting on pub crawls & end of season parties!


OSSO provides the structure – scheduling, officiating, uniforms, venues, whatever – so you can spend your time doing what matters… like synchronizing team chants, drawing up complex flag football plays, or debating the intricacies of the perfect kickball pitch. Plus, when you play in an OSSO league, you get food and drink discounts after the game at our partner bars.


So, what are you doing later?


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