For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.


What is OSSO?

OSSO (oh-so) stands for Oklahoma Sports & Social….yeah, we know we forgot the last O, but we’re just Oh So much fun!


Are there any other hidden costs like field admission, forfeit fees or referee fees? Do we have to buy our own uniforms?

Your registration is all inclusive for the entire season. There are no other costs throughout the season. Your registration also gets you food/drink specials are our sponsor bar and admission into OSSO exclusive parties throughout the year. OSSO provides each team with a league specific jersey (Dry fit for outdoor summer games, Polos for footgolf, vintage Ts for Bar Games, etc)


I just moved here and don’t know anyone, can I still join a team?

Yes! Absolutely, OSSO is a great way to meet new fun people in the area. Just choose your league of choice and sign up as a free agent.


My group of friends don’t have enough for an entire team, can we still play?

Yes! sign up as a group and OSSO will fill out the rest of your team with free agents or other groups.


I want to captain a team, is it my responsibility to collect money from my teammates?

No! The OSSO partners have years of experience playing recreational adult sports and realize that collecting money is not a responsibility the captain looks forward to. Each player registers and pays individually, so the captain only needs to create the team (name & shirt color) and send the invites to your friends!


Seasonal Weather in Oklahoma sucks sometimes, how will I know if the game is cancelled?

OSSO will contact everyone playing in that league at 4 PM with the official word. There are several reasons for that exact time including the “accuracy” of our local weatherman, our timeline for communication with Parks & Rec and that there are several hundred people in each league that share the same concerns.



An Event, League, Or Activity Is Postponed/Suspended Due To Weather, Life Event, Act Of God, Etc. Can I Receive a Refund?

OSSO Sports & Social does not issue monetary refunds. However, As long as you submit a request to AWESOME@OSSOSPORTS.COM before the start date, you will be issued a site credit that may be used at any future event or league. No credits will be granted after an event/league has begun.


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