Please refer to Kickball 365 Rulebook for any other specific rules


4.3 League Games

  • The game ends at the completion of 7 innings or 50 minutes.
  • A new inning cannot start within 5 minutes of the 50 minute time limit.
  • No extra innings in the regular season


4.6 Mercy Rule

  • Mercy rule is in effect if there is a ten (10) run difference at the end of the 5th inning, or any inning after at the request of the losing team.


7.3.1 Offensive Lineups

  • 3 players of the same sex cannot kick consecutively until all other players of the sex in the minority have kicked. (ex: M,M,F,M,M,F… until all Females have kicked)



7.3.2 Defensive Fielding Lineup 11.9 Catcher & 12.1 Encroachment

  • Team’s Fielding Lineup can contain a maximum of eleven (11) Players.
  • The field is divided into four zones, with the first zone being the home plate area, the second zone having 1st & 3rd base & pitcher’s mound, the third zone having 2nd base and the fourth zone being the “outfield” (See Diagram)
  • A maximum of 4 defenders are allowed to start the play inside each of the 2nd & 3rd zone including the pitcher.
  • There are 2 catchers, one on either side of the plate. They must start behind the front plane of home plate and outside the batters circle until the ball is kicked. The two catchers are the only defenders allowed to start the play in the first zone.
  • Defenders are allowed to start the play anywhere within their allowed zones. Any player starting outside their zone is considered encroachment.


 11.2 Pitching

  • The Ball must be pitched underhand
  • The Pitch must bounce a minimum of three times or roll before crossing the plate to be a considered a strike
  • Bouncing is allowed


11.3 Balls & 11.3 Strikes & 11.6 Fouls

  • 4 balls is a walk, 4 non-balls (strikes and/or fouls) is an out.



13.7 Fair Ball Plays & 13.8 Foul Ball Plays

  • Balls are live off the ceiling or walls.
  • There is no “infield fly rule”
  • If a ball is kicked and remains forward of the plate, the ball is fair. Any other kicked pitch that ends up behind the front plane of the plate is considered foul.


13.6 Dead Ball Plays

  • A ball kicked into the player’s box is an automatic ground rule single. The ball is dead the moment it touches anything in the box. Base Coaches

  • No Base coaches are allowed on the field
  • Only the batter, the fielding team & the refs are allowed to be on the field during game play.



3.4.2 Jerseys

  • Teams are required to wear their OSSO Jersey
  • An exception to this rule is given for league theme nights Team Lineups

  • Each team can have a maximum of twenty-five (25) players on their roster


League Specific Rules

  • If a kicked ball crosses the line in the opposite goal, the runs scored on that play count twice. (I.E. a grand slam would count for 8 runs instead of 4)
  • Any other league specific rules that were not addressed in this cheat sheet will be subject to League Manager’s “Spirit of the League” ruling and will be determined with fairness, player safety & fun in mind.


Any other rules are subject to the Kickball 365 Rulebook.