OSSO Social Kickball Cheat Sheet


Please refer to Kickball 365 Rulebook for any other specific rules. Please be aware of the definition of a strike on page 19.


 TIME LIMITS (Section 4.2.1)

  • 7 innings or 50 minutes.
  • Completing a set number of innings/ time limit ends a game.
  • Mercy rule is in effect if there is a ten (10) run difference at the end of the 5th inning, or any inning after at the request of the losing team.


Team Lineups (Section 7.3)

  • 3 players of the same sex cannot kick consecutively until all other players of the sex in the minority have kicked. (ex: M,M,F,M,M,F… until all Females have kicked)
  • Team’s Fielding Lineup can contain a maximum of eleven (11) Players



PITCHING STYLE (Section 8.2)

  • Pitch has to bounce a minimum of  three times or roll before crossing the plate.
  • The ball must be pitched underhand.
  • Bouncing is allowed.



  • Any ball that is kicked, if the catcher chooses to field the ball before it reaches the 1st-3rd base line or if it stops short of the line and the catcher touches it, the ball is considered foul at that point. If any other fielder touches the ball before that line, it is considered fair and in play




  • 4 Non-Balls instead of strikes & fouls being separate
    • Called strikes, “Swinging” strikes & Fouls all count as a “Non-Ball”
    • A runner CAN advance at their own risk on a caught foul ball
  • If a player is too injured to kick, they are an automatic out
  • If a player is too injured to run, the last out of the same sex will be a pinch runner.
  • If a team has less than the required amount of a particular sex to play during the regular season, the opposing captain must verbally agree to the game being counted toward the standings.
  • Overthrow rule – If a ball is THROWN out of play, the closest fielder may raise his/her hand in the air signaling an overthrow. Runners get MOMENTUM + BASE. An overthrow is not applicable to a runner being hit with the ball and the ball rolling out of play.
  • If a ball is kicked into the opposite field and hits a player or the fielder is interfered with by the players on the opposite field, the head ref has the ability to rule the play a ground rule double (all runners would advance the 2 bases as well). IF the kick is a “no doubter” as in, it would be a home run regardless if it hit the other players or not, the head ref has the ability to make that call as well.
  • Any other league specific rules that were not addressed in this cheat sheet will be subject to League Manager’s “Spirit of the League” ruling and will be determined with fairness, player safety & fun in mind.