OSSO Social Kwickball Rules


  • 9 innings or 55 minutes.
  • 4 outs per inning.
  • Completing a set number of innings/ time limit ends a game.
  • Mercy rule is in effect if there is a ten (10) run difference at the end of the 5th inning (Official score will be taken at time Mercy Rule is implemented, teams may continue to play for fun until time is up)


Team Lineups

  • 3 players of the same sex cannot kick consecutively until all other players of the sex in the minority have kicked. (ex: M,M,F,M,M,F… until all Females have kicked)
  • Team’s Fielding Lineup can contain a maximum of eleven (11) Players
  • If a team has less than the required amount of a particular sex to play during the regular season, the opposing captain must verbally agree to the game being counted toward the standings (only in regular season).



  • A size 8.5” kickball will be provided for league game play.
  • Cleats are allowed however, NO METAL SPIKES ARE ALLOWED
  • Players must wear OSSO Jerseys




  • Pitch to your own team.
    • Pitcher must pitch from the pitching rubber.
    • Pitcher must not interfere with the fielding team. If interference is called, the REF can call the runner out.



  • Any ball that is kicked, if the catcher chooses to field the ball before it reaches the 1st-3rd base line or if it stops short of the line and the catcher touches it, the ball is considered foul at that point. If any other fielder touches the ball before that line, it is considered fair and in play
  • One pitch per kicker
  • A 10′ x 17′ Kickers box is painted around the plate or denoted by cones
    • Kicker’s plant foot must be remain entirely inside the kicking box or on the line when kicking or the kicker will be called out.
  • A missed kicked, foul ball, or a catch on the fly is an out.
  • A kick that goes foul (even if caught) is a dead ball.  Kicker is out and runners may not advance
  • If a player is too injured to kick, they are an automatic out
  • If a player is too injured to run once reaching base safely, the last out of the same sex will be a pinch runner.




  • When running to first base, if there is a possible play at first (i.e. ball is still in the infield) the runner must touch the orange/outside bag or will be called out by the umpire. Defense must use the white/inside bag.
  • Once the runner has touched the orange bag the ENTIRE bag is considered ONE bag for both offense & defense and can be used for the runner to stand on or tag up, as well as the defense to tag the bag on runners returning to first base.
  • No Lead Offs
    • All runners must be in contact with the base at the time the ball is kicked.
    • Any runners not doing so will automatically be called out and the kicker will re-kick.
  • Runners cannot tag up until a fly ball is first TOUCHED.
  • No stealing bases
  • Offensive players CANNOT initiate contact with defensive players.
  • Sliding is permitted




  • Maximum of 11 fielders with no more than 7 men in the field.
  • No more than 7 infielders, including the catcher.
    • Infield is considered the square between all four bases
  • No one may be positioned between the pitcher and home plate.
  • Fielders may not cross the encroachment line until the ball is contacted
    • If encroachment is called, the kicking team can take the result of the play or kicker gets awarded first base.
  • If a ball is kicked into the opposite field and hits a player or the fielder is interfered with by the players on the opposite field, the head ref has the ability to rule the play a ground rule double (all runners would advance the 2 bases as well).
    • IF the kick is a “no doubter” as in, it would be a home run regardless if it hit the other players or not, the head ref has the ability to make that call as well.
  • Outs
    • Throwing to the baseman who tags the base for a force out
    • Hitting the runner with the ball
    • Runners may only be hit with the ball from the shoulders down. If a player ducks or slides into a throw that was aimed below the shoulders, the runner is out.
      • Any blatantly hard or dangerous throw will result in the runner being called safe and may result in the ejection of the player.
  • Catching a fly ball in kwickball is not a sure thing, there is no infield fly rule.  However, there is a “don’t be that guy” rule.  
    • If the REF thinks a fielder intentionally misses or does not catch a fly ball in an effort to make a double play not try to catch a fly ball in an effort to make a double play, or any other advantageous play, both runners will be called safe.
  • A play is not dead until the REF calls time
    • Time is called when the fielding team is in full possession of the ball in the infield and the kicking team would have no reasonable chance to advance bases



  • The REF will determine any applicable Ground Rules for the field of play, including which Ground Rules dictate automatic application of a Dead Ball Play.
      • Such Ground Rules must be clearly announced to both Team Captains before the start of any game.
  • If a kickball bursts or becomes defective during an active play, then a Dead Ball Stoppage is called, and the play shall be replayed in its entirety.

Any other league specific rules that were not addressed in this cheat sheet will be subject to League Manager’s “Spirit of the League” ruling and will be determined with fairness, player safety & fun in mind.